Mission Statement

Theatre-in-the-Making is dedicated to the idea that creative and joyful artistry has the power to change the lives of individuals and communities. To achieve this end, Theatre-in-the-Making offers education and experience to youth and adults in the various disciplines related to the stage; opportunities for students and performers of all ages and in all communities; and performances by youth and adult companies.

Our History

Founded in January 1989 by actor-director Paul Ford, Theatre-in-the-Making has regularly offered educational and performing opportunities to young people and adults. At its earliest location at CenterStage, in the Nob Hill area of Albuquerque, Theatre-in-the-Making conducted workshops and staged critically-acclaimed productions. Since 1995, Theatre-in-the-Making has collaborated with educational, performing arts, and community institutions to offer innovative programs for adults and young people. Regular programs have included annual performances of Shakespearean comedies and touring programs of story-theatre productions by the Youth Performance Workshops. Theatre-in-the-Making has conducted these programs in association with organizations such as the Albuquerque Little Theatre, the Legal Aid Society of Albuquerque, public and private schools, community centers and public libraries

During the past decade, thousands of student performers have explored their abilities as expressive artists. They have communicated their passion to tens of thousands of people who attend productions of the Youth Performance Workshop. Theatre-in-the-Making also provides an opportunity for adults to express the same creative energies.

Coming Next

Theatre-in-the-Making is making a comeback, just in time for our 30th anniversary! Later this year, we plan to launch a number of new initiatives, including educational collaborations with our local schools, Shakespeare, and more! Be sure to sign up to our email list to keep up-to-date on all that's going on.