Send Us Your Stories

We know you understand the power of educational theatre, but that power is difficult to measure and prove. In a world dominated by a push for STEM, it is more important than ever that we find a way to share that ALL education is enriched by opportunities in the performing arts.

Tell us your story! We want to hear your experiences with Theatre-in-the-Making over the last 30+ years – and any other tale about your encounters with art that you’re willing to share.

Funny or profound, simple or complex – we want to know where you are now and what role theatre has played in the journey of your life.

We’re going to collect these stories as a tool to advocate for an education. We plan to share them at our 30th Anniversary celebration this coming July 14th – and then to offer them as witness for educational initiatives for arts education.

Also, let us know whether you are willing to have your name attached to the stories or if you wish to remain anonymous. We would like to have some of these presented live, by YOU, at the event in July – and we will be collecting video stories to edit as well.

Send your stories and anecdotes and any message you’re willing share to: or use the Submission Form on this page.

And be sure to join our contact list using the form on our Home Page so we can keep you informed of all our activities.

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